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ADAM - KSA has made ImuPro300 available here in the Kingdom which allows one to understand their food allergies better by getting tested for more than 270 food items.


We at ADAM believe deeply in doing our best to improve people's quality of life. This who we are, this is what we strive to do. We believe that this can only happen by allowing the body to heal itself from the inside out.

We chose the healthcare industry as our business to be able to translate all our efforts and work to help improve the quality of life of everyone around us using the latest proven and tested medical solutions that appear in the market. We work for you, the patient and the medical community to research and find new breakthroughs that will help fulfil our one desire to help people live a better quality of life through better medical and healthcare solutions.

We hold ourselves highest ethical and moral conduct and believe that although we strictly abide by the laws of the land, we believe that we report to a higher moral authority "God All Mighty" who sees everything we do even if no one else can.


ADAM is in successful collaboration with Germany-based pharmaceutical R-Biopharm AG - the leading developer of specialized test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis. R-Biopharm is well known for its innovative and high quality specialized medical solutions and clinical diagnostics in Darmstadt. ADAM holds sole agency rights to market and distribute the renowned Imupro Food Intolerance Test Series which is first in Saudi Arabia.


Our aspiration is to achieve our business partners and customers trust based on our high level of professionalism and the transparency. We aspire to assure our clientele that we spell the highest level of honesty and ethical standards to earn their trust and produce our name in clients' trustworthy list.

Being sole distributor of ImuPro (a globally renowned food intolerance test) in the Kingdom, we aspire to introduce other medical diagnostic kits and healthy lifestyle promoting products that enhances the wellbeing of the Saudi Society.


Contact us. Share your health issues with us, feel heard. We understand you. We will help you.

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