Weight Issues


Possible Causes of Overweight

Metabolic disorders can cause overweight and obesity. Mild, systematic inflammatory activities have been found in the cases of obesity.

One of the reasons is found in the fatty tissue itself. Messenger substances (TNF-alpha, interleukin-6 leptin) developed by fats cells stimulate the production of inflammatory proteins in the liver. This explains the cause of risk of inflammatory condition developing with increasing body weight.

Type III food allergies intensifies inflammatory reactions. High quantity of IgG antibodies to specific foodstuffs can trigger chronic inflammation. TNF alpha is released in larger amounts when IgG antibodies are produced in substantial quantity. The substance then ties with the receptors intended for insulin and impedes with the cell's energy supply. Therefore, the blood sugar can only be transported to the cell in a restrictive manner where it is urgently needed. This may exacerbate the following two:

1. Conversion of sugar into fat

The sugar level in the bloodstream increases noticeably when the sugar remains in the blood. The blood sugar is transformed into fatty acids by liver which are then placed in the fat cells. The insulin receptors blockage results in high level of insulin being released in body. The reconversion of fatty acids into blood sugar is restricted due to the increased insulin concentration. Consequently, the energy stored in the fatty deposits is no longer present in the body.

2. Energy consumption decreases

The individual cells have less energy at their removal. Therefore, the cell activity lowers and affects the metabolic rate, i.e. the quantity of calories used at rest diminishes.

Identifying the off ending food(s) that triggers inflammatory processes may offer a good possibility to apply a positive influence on the inflammatory processes by altering the diet.

The following complaints often accompany food intolerance:

  • Certain food ingredients not being well tolerated
  • Constipation, diarrhea, flatulence and intestinal disturbances
  • Daily weight fluctuations
  • Weight gain despite low calorie intake and exercise

ImuPro Food Intolerance Test can be the best option to understand the causes behind your obesity or unexplainable weight gain.

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