Diabetes Type II


Diabetes Type II is result of irregular production of insulin in the body. In diabetes type II the body does not get the correct amount of the required insulin.

Consequently, in order to transport the blood sugar into the body cells an ever increasing amount of insulin should be released. However, because of the high insulin production the body develops a resistance to insulin, which then causes Diabetes Type II.

Food also play a crucial role in the development of this chronic ailment. Diabetes Type II develops when the food triggers inflammation in the body which produces an increased quantity of TNF-a to be released which attaches itself to the cell’s insulin receptors.

Incorrect diet of an individual also results in insulin resistance. Observation by researchers is suggests that hypersensitivity to sugar alternatives can often be proven in Diabetes Type II patients. Consumption of these sugar alternatives (which is taken by huge number of people) can accelerate the development of Diabetes Type II.

A Diabetes Type II patient has to inject insulin in order to keep the blood sugar level regular. Taking precautionary diet can help to mitigate the need of insulin which can also slow down the aggravation of Diabetes type II. 

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