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Headache Migraine


More than 75% of the population suffer from headache or migraine. There are over 200 different intensity, frequency and duration of headaches and migraine.

The primary headache is caused by over excited cells and/or over strung nerves. Examples of primary headache are cluster headache, migraine and tension headache. Treatment often consists of a pain killer drug.

Secondary headache has many causes and arises as a concomitant. Possible causes are often because of accompanying disease such as brain diseases, common cold, gastro intestinal infections and above all consumption of excessive alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and drugs.

Individuals suffering from migraine have high levels of IgG antibodies which indicate a delayed Type III food allergy, research suggests. A rotational diet in compliance with dietary recommendations based on IgG findings through the ImuPro300 Food Intolerance Test can lead to an improvement of this chronic ailment.

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