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Intolerance Started with ImuPro Tests


Step 1

  • Contact our ImuPro experts in ADAM Co. using the following numbers:
  • For anywhere in Saudi Arabia: +966-55-541-2356

Step 2

  • ADAM Co. will arrange an appointment for you with our approved medical facilities for the test and will update you regarding your ImuPro Test.

Step 3

  • Please proceed to the hospital or clinic in which the test appointment was made for you.
  • The process is very simple and is non-invasive. Long fasting before the test is not necessary. It is strongly recommended not to eat (especially fatty foods) 2 - 4 hours before taking the blood test. Drinking water is OK any time.
  • For any concerns or assistance, please call us on the numbers shown above

Step 4

  • You will be provided with a Health Questionnaire. Please fill in the information and submit it to the laboratory.
  • Most probably you will need to show your ID card if you are a new patient in that medical facility.

Step 5

  • The laboratory technician will draw 10ml of your blood and then transfer the blood drawn into a special vial, with your full name, gender, date of birth and ID number clearly labeled.
  • Please verify that all of the personal details labeled on the tube are correct before leaving the lab.

Step 6

  • The laboratory technician will leave your sample to coagulate for 30 minutes. Then it will be centrifuged to extract 5 ml blood serum required for the ImuPro Test.

Step 7

  • Your ImuPro results will be ready in 15 working days.
  • Please discuss your ImuPro Test results with your doctor.
  • You are welcome to contact our ADAM experts for any questions regarding your ImuPro Test results.
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