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Understanding The ImuPro Test Results


Your test results detail your level of intolerance to a particular food or additive, as guided in the following table:


Colour code

 What does it mean



 Indicates no intolerance

1 - 2


 Indicates a low level of intolerance


3 - 4


 Indicates a strong level of intolerance

Once the intolerance and its level of intolerance has been detected, one must avoid the offending food for suggested period of time. The avoidance period depends on your sensitivity level. The recommended period of avoidance is as follows:


Colour code

Recommended period of avoidance of offending food



At least 3 months



At least 6 months



At least 9 months



At least a year

It is important to keep rotating your food for a balanced diet after receiving your ImuPro results. For example, if you took vegetables and chicken in your dinner today than it is better to avoid the same meal next day.

As a general rule, to avoid new food intolerance, replace the food wisely. For example, replacing cow’s milk with soy milk on daily bases can put you on the risk of developing a new intolerance.

Follow the food replacing technique mentioned in the report strictly to avoid further development of intolerances and getting malnourished.

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